What If Anything You've
Read About Them Is True?


You see the word all over the newsstands… usually in the more unsavory publications.

But haven’t you ever wondered if they really exist?

If you have, you’re not alone. According to a Fox News Poll (2203), a full 34 percent of the US population believes in the existence of UFOs. A Cambridge University study raises that number to 57 percent.

Even some of the most noted scientists throughout the world (Hawking, Zickerman, Hart) have explored these unexplained phenomena. Hollywood finds UFOs to be continual fodder for their movie-mills.

Either way you slice it, UFOs are a constant source of curiosity.

But how do we separate fact from fiction? And are there any “facts” when it comes to UFO investigations?

Wouldn't it be great to find someone who has not only studied the UFO phenomenon, but could provide hard-hitting proof, pure documentation, hypeless reality?

Well, you're about to meet a fascinating pair of people… people who have dedicated their lives to the subject of UFO investigations.

Barbara Bartholic has nearly 6 decades of contact with UFOs… and a quarter century of professional investigations under her belt.

Jacques Vallee's a renowned astrophysicist… the person Steven Speilberg turned to when he needed an expert to model the Physicist/Investigator character in the famous movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

These two incredible people teamed together for decades for the sole purpose of investigating unexplained UFO phenomenon.

Barbara Bartholic’s an utterly fascinating woman. Back to August, 1944, two spheres appeared in Kirkwood, Missouri. A number of people actually witnessed the appearance of these spheres, but only a few people, including Barbara Bartholic, actually entered them.

In 1977, Bartholic teamed with the internationally respected astrophysicist Jacques Vallee. Vallee brought objective scrutinization and scientific interviewing to this team of UFO investigators.

Together, they investigated countless UFO sightings and animal mutilations… always inching closer to the truth behind these events.

Throughout this intriguing memoir…

Bartholic pulls no punches and describes in detail everything she’s documented during her fascinating career as a UFO investigator

Details like:

  1. Find out what it means to be “marked”. Read Chapter 3.

  2. Find out what a “visitation” is like. Chapter 4

  3. How to tell the difference between a true animal mutilation versus a hoax. See page 85.

  4. What you can expect if you decide to investigate this phenomenon. Page 102

  5. Read Chapter 15 to discover exactly what UFO abductees report.

  6. Find out what these aliens look like… it’s not what you think….

  7. And much more.

She even (on pages 171- 172) includes a thorough 36-question checklist outlining various ailments that can signal a potential UFO encounter.

Conditions like:

  1. Do you know someone who has unexplained kidney problems?

  2. Do you (or someone you love) experience strange nightmares?

  3. Do you know someone who feels troubled and unable to pin down a reason for their disquiet?

  4. Do you know someone who’s been diagnosed with an unusual mental problem?

  5. Do you know someone who dreams repeatedly of aircrafts?

If you can answer “yes” to any of these questions, it’s entirely possible that you know someone who’s been touched by the UFO phenomenon.

The exploration of this subject is an incredibly fascinating adventure.

Barbara, The Story of a UFO Investigator is a book that’ll open your mind, fascinate your imagination, and could quite possibly change the way you think… forever.

Order your copy of Barbara, The Story of a UFO Investigator today.

The Truth is out there. Why not satisfy your curiosity and discover what life is like when you investigate quite possibly one of the most controversial subjects today.

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